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Visiting hours schedule at St. Maarten Medical Center

Visiting Hours and Guidelines


Surgical/Internal Medicine ward and Women/Maternity ward

Open Ward and Semi Private Rooms:
  3:30pm  -   4:30pm 
  6:30pm  -   7:30pm
Patients are only allowed one visitor per visiting hour; children are not permitted to visit.

Pediatric Ward
  3:30pm  -   4:30pm  
  6:30pm  -   7:30pm
​Patients are only allowed one visitor per visiting hour; children are not permitted to visit.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  2:00pm  -   2:20pm 
  8:00pm  -   8:20pm
​Patients are only allowed one visitor per visiting hour; children are not permitted to visit.






  • Children Visitors
  • General Rules/ Code of Conduct
  • Visiting Isolated Patients
  • Visiting Patients in the ICU
  • Visitors’ Health
  • Waiting areas

In order to encourage a healing environment, children less than 12 years may only visit patients on the Medical/Surgical and OBGYN wards. For the protection of our newborns on the OBGYN ward, siblings of the newborn are the only children less than 12 years who are allowed to visit under an adult’s supervision. They are prohibited from visiting the ICU, Pediatric Ward and patients who have been placed in medical isolation for infection control reasons. Children visitors must at all times be accompanied by a responsible adult. Noisy or disruptive children will be asked to leave the patient wards.

  • No smoking is allowed in SMMC except in the designated area. We thank you for your co-operation. 
  • All cigarette butts must be discarded in the ash tray. Littering of cigarette butts, soda cans, paper towels etc. is strictly forbidden. Kindly deposit such articles in the waste receptacle bin. 
  • The use of alcoholic beverages and drugs is not allowed in the hospital. 
  • Visitors sitting on patients’ beds are strictly forbidden. 
  • Visitors are not allowed to eat or drink in the rooms.

Patients placed in medical isolation may only have visitors from his/her direct family household. Family members are hereby requested to follow all instructions given by the nurse pertaining to wearing a gown, mask and proper hand washing before entering and leaving the room. Children are strictly forbidden to visit patients who have been placed in medical isolation.

Flowers and plants are not allowed in the patient rooms. Cell phones must be switched off before entering the ICU and usage of cell phones is strictly prohibited.

When visiting SMMC, a face mask must be properly worn at all times and hand hygiene must be practiced upon entry. Persons with colds, flu or cold sores are strongly discouraged from visiting patients and will not be permitted entry. 

Patients are only allowed one visitor per visiting hour. Early visitors are requested to have a seat in the Main Patio until the doors to the patient’s wards are opened for visiting hours. Persons waiting on more information on patients in the Delivery Room or Operation Room are also requested to sit on our open air Main Patio until allowed to see the patient or speak to his/her doctor. 

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