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Intensive Care St. Maarten Medical Center

Intensive Care Unit

The patient ward dedicated to treating critically ill patients at the SMMC is called the ICU.

Our 3-bed Intensive and Coronary Care Unit serves the hospitals most critical patients, providing close observation and individual care around the clock.

Patients are admitted to the ICU when the attending specialist believes that they would benefit from continuous observation, technically skilled support as well as a unique blend of specially trained nurses and sophisticated equipment.

Expert Staff

Staff in our small unit strives daily to provide compassionate care to the critically ill patient. The ICU is staffed by Registered Nurses with IC specialization, meeting the standards of Intensive Care Nursing in the Netherlands.  The level of nursing care that needs to be provided in the ICU is intense and so is the required special training to operate advanced high tech equipment. Together we strive to provide for the intensive needs of our critical care patients.

The types of patients cared for in the ICU are diverse. They include cardiac patients, neuro patients, trauma patients and post-operative care high-risk surgical patients; all of whose conditions are serious or life threatening.

Special services provided by this unit include: 

ECG continuous monitoring, central catheter and arterial catheter insertion and monitoring, intubation, mechanical ventilation, critical IV medication therapy (thrombolytic by MI, inotropes), pacemaker implantations. 

Our staff are able to monitor the cardio output (heart rate and rhythm) of patients on the medical/surgical ward who wish to take a walk within the hospital. This monitoring is possible with the use of our telemetry devices.

Family and friends play an important role in the healing process of the Intensive Care patient. If you have a family member in the ICU, you too can contribute to the healing process. You can let your loved one know you are there. Even if the patient is not alert, a familiar voice or touch can be comforting and reassuring. 

If the patient is alert and able to communicate verbally, family members and friends can call the ward’s mobile extension 543-1111 ext 1222 to communicate with their loved one. 

 Please see out visitors’ information for visiting hours and conditions within the ICU.

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