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SMMC Complaints Regulation

August 2023

A complaint can be an important signal. By dealing adequately with complaints, healthcare providers can maintain or regain the trust of the dissatisfied patient. Moreover, complaints can be a way to learn and they can lead to measures being taken to improve the quality of care.

The National Ordinance on Healthcare Institutions (NOHI) (in Dutch: ‘’Landsverordening houdende regels ten aanzien van instellingen voor de gezondheidszorg’’[1]) obliges healthcare providers to make an arrangement for the independent handling of complaints about a behavior by the health care professional or by persons working in its healthcare institution towards a patient, their representative or family member.

The purpose of this regulation is to focus on an accessible and effective handling of complaints, which is aimed at achieving a satisfactory solution for the complainant and the healthcare provider.

Click here to read our Complaints Regulation PDF

[1] AB 2015, no. 9 and AB 2013, GT no. 755.

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