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SMMC continues to innovate services with newly installed ultrasounds
During the month of March, the St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) installed three new 3D-ultrasounds for the Radiology, Gynecology and Cardiology departments respectively.
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New Internist employed at St. Maarten Medical Center
The St. Maarten Medical Center welcomes a new Internist-Nephrologist to their medical staff, Dr. Laima Siddiqi-Nadery.
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Lupus and Arthritis

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Lupus and Arthritis
Although there are certain similarities, Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis are two different diseases. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish if rheumatoid arthritis is a separate disease or a symptom of Lupus. Both auto immune diseases are more common on St. Maarten than we think.
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Dr. Maarten Visschers on Respiratory Tract Infections
Has someone every coughed near to you and you were afraid that you would get a respiratory tract infection? Did you know that respiratory viruses are frequently transmitted by hand to hand contact and less so by coughing?
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Spread the word…not the Antibiotic Resistant germs!
One year ago, with the most widespread Ebola epidemic in history, there was a ‘wake up moment’ for Hygiene and Infection Control in hospitals around the world. Health care practitioners stopped and took a look at the importance of hygiene and infection control.
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